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Welcome to the Grey's Anatomy Cast LIMS competition. The LIMS (last icon maker standing) part of the community was inspired by the idea of disney_hush. This contest is CAST pictures only, strictly photo shoots or appearances.

Each week I will post a base picture of a cast member (or more than one cast member). Each member will then make one icon out of that base and reply to the post with it. At the end of the week (or after all of the entries are posted) I will post a poll. Each week members will vote for their two least favorite icons. The people with the most votes will be eliminated. This will go on each week until there is just one icon maker standing. Each week members will also vote for their favorite icon for members choice and I will give out a mods choice award.

Anybody can become a member without participating, you can still vote and follow the community.

1. You can only enter one icon per week.
2. You cannot post the icon anywhere else until after the voting has taken place.
3. The icon must be new for this community.
4. Do not let anybody know which icon is yours until the voting is over.
5. If you do not post your icon by the due date, you will be automatically eliminated unless you tell me why you can't participate in this challenge first.
6. You may have 2 skipped challenges but you must let me know first. Once we get up to the final few you can no longer skip competitions.
7. Brushes, Textures and Text are allowed but not required. You cannot however, use any other pictures besides what I have provided for you.
8 All icons must fit livejournal requirements (100x100 or less, less than 40k)

1. Vote for the two icons you like least. You have the option of supplying a reason for your choice but it is not required.
2. Vote for your favorite icon for the Members choice award. The members choice as well as the mods choice award is weekly. I will supply you with a banner if you win.
3. Anybody can vote. You don't have to be a participant.
4. Do not vote for yourself for members choice.
5. Don't try to work the system (by getting your friends to vote for your icon or using other usernames to vote for yourself)...this is just a game, that defeats the whole purpose.

Be a good sport, this is all for fun!

I reserve the right to add, take away or change the rules at any time.

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