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18 May 2007 @ 06:54 am
Round 2 - Challenge 11 - Eric Dane : Results!  
Sadly we have to say goodbye to this lovely icon maker:


Please stick around to vote!

How the scoring works:
+'s are people's choice votes.
-'s are elimination votes.
If you do not see your number it is because you didn't get any positive or negative votes.

02.) -1
03.) +3
04.) -2

If you would like to know what comments you got (negative or positive) please comment here and tell me your number. There is always a lot of good constructive criticism and compliments so feel free to ask.

People's Choice

Most people said they liked the cropping of the icon the most~!

Mod's Choice
No Mod's Choice anymore, to little amount of people.

Now that the results have been posted, you can use/show your icon wherever you want :)

The LAST challenge will be posted shortly.
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